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Practice Leaflet – Protocol No38

 Ways in which Patients can Access Care

See below a leaflet giving information about ways in which care can be accessed across the NHS:

Ways patients can access care

Change of Personal Details:

Please do not forget to notify the surgery of any changes to your personal circumstances.  In particular, if you change name, address and/or telephone number.  This is essential to enable the practice to maintain good records and to be able to contact you if necessary.

You can change your personal details online. To be set up to use our on line services please contact our reception.


Charges may be made for services to patients which are not available on the NHS such as certain travel vaccinations, private medical certificates, insurance claim forms or certain examinations.  There is a list of charges displayed in the patient waiting area, which follow BMA recommendations.

Disabled Access

Wheelchair access is via the main entrance.

We no longer allow mobility scooters into the surgery beyond the entrance lobby.  The decision is not one that was taken lightly and we have introduced the new rule on health and safety grounds. We have to consider the safety of all patients that come into the surgery following recent incidents at other surgeries involving scooter users.  It was agreed mobility scooters could be a potential health and safety risk in a confined area, especially where there may be small children and older patients. They could also pose an increased hazard in the event of a fire.

We appreciate this will make it more difficult for some users but we feel we have no alternative.  Before doing so we consulted with Disability North and the local fire brigade.

We have a wheelchair available for your use should you require it.  All you need to do is enter the lobby and ask one of our receptionists for assistance.


We are looking forward to teaching medical students from Newcastle University starting in September 2017.  You may be asked if you would agree to have a medical student sitting in your consultation with you.  The students are keen to learn and to talk to patients.  In order to make the transition from students to doctors, it is a vital part of their education to get real life experience, under the supervision of our staff.  We fully appreciate that some patients may not wish to have a student in their consultation and we will respect this.

Please do not hesitate to ask a staff member if you would like to know more information or if you would like to become more involved in medical student education.  Dr Zamoyski will be the practice lead for medical student teaching.

Please also be aware that as an undergraduate teaching practice, patient information may be processed and shared with other health professionals for audit purposes only.

Training  Practice

We are a training practice and this involves us having junior doctors working in the practice who are training to be GPs (GP registrars). The junior doctors are always supervised.  If you have any questions about this please ask to speak to the practice manager.

Access to Patient Information  Every staff member of the NHS has a duty of confidentiality to patients.  Our practice is registered under the Data Protection Act.  In general we will not share patient information with other agencies etc without the express consent of the patient.  There are exceptions e.g. sharing information subject to the Child Protection Act.

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