Data Protection Act

Teams Medical Practice is registered under the above act and stores information for the following purposes:

  • Provision of healthcare
  • Healthcare administration
  • Medical audit

You have the right to view your medical records. You can request these in writing or you can access them yourself by registering for our online services. We also reserve the right under the Act to withhold any information which we would consider detrimental to your health or which identifies third parties.

There has been a surge in request for complete records from solicitors, particularly where patients are making personal accident claims. You should be aware that when you sign for solicitors to contact us for information, that this may also give them permission to access your complete records (not just the records relevant to the injury). When we receive such requests accompanied by a valid signed consent by a patient, we cannot refuse – this may mean that aspects of your medical records that you might find embarrassing (perhaps a termination request or circumstances leading to previous depression) would also have to be released. Once we have released information to a third party, we are no longer able to control what happens to that information.


The Practice would like to thank Glenpark Medical Practice for the above information and confirm that copyright of the information on this page remains with Glenpark Medical Practice.

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