Your pharmacist can help

Many people still aren’t aware that your local pharmacist (chemist) can treat you for a wide range of conditions without the need for a prescription, therefore avoiding the need to see a GP. For patients who are exempt from NHS prescription charges, many medicines for minor ailments are supplied, free of charge

Pharmacists are experts on medicines and how they work. Your local pharmacist is qualified to give you free expert advice on which is the best medicine for you and can answer all of your questions about prescribed and over the counter drugs..

The conditions your local pharmacist could help you with include:

• hay fever • coughs and colds • diarrhoea • nausea and sickness

• fever • head lice • constipation • thrush • conjunctivitis

• skin conditions• warts and verrucas

You can talk to your pharmacists in confidence – even about the most personal symptoms and you don’t need to make an appointment, and many pharmacies have private consultation areas

Please find details of  the changes in the prescribing of over the counter medication here.

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